Counselling can help someone feel that problems are less overwhelming. Seeing things from a different perspective can help you make changes in your life so that you can enjoy life more and have better relationships with friends or family members. It can also help you to concentrate more easily at school. Our School Counselling service is made up of two counsellors working in school but who are not part of the staff team and, therefore, do not pass on to staff members or parents anything a student talks about in counselling sessions. In other words, the counselling sessions are confidential.

The only time the counsellor would need to share information would be if a student told a counsellor something that meant that the student (or someone else) was in danger of coming to serious harm. If this happened the counsellor would always warn the student before talking to someone else.

Where do counselling sessions in school take place?
They take place in a quiet, private room in the Health Centre.
How do I access the service?
Hannah Fenton works on Mondays 9.00am-4.00pm, Wednesday mornings and Thursdays 9.45-11.45am; and Lucy Healey works on Thursdays 8.30am-2.30pm.     You can read more about counselling at Oxford High School here.

All senior school students can refer themselves, via the School Nurse.
We always encourage a girl to let her parents know that she is asking for counselling support or give us permission to inform parents. However, we would not wish this to be a barrier to any senior school girl accessing support.

We will be guided by the wishes of the girl as to whether parents are informed of her request for counselling rather than obtaining the express permission of parents in advance.

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