Readers Make Leaders

17 June 2016

About 50 Year 9/10 Oxford High girls joined with Teddies and Cherwell School today for the 2016 Readers Make Leaders event with schoolchildren from Years 1 to 5 from Pegasus, Orchard Meadow and Windale primary schools. The special Readathon involved about 1000 children in all and was led by Year 10’s who had been asked in advance to choose a book that they had enjoyed when they were the same age. They were then tasked with writing a poem or choosing one that they had a special connection with – appropriate for the age of the primary school pupils. The morning began with a dance routine as an ice-breaker and performance poet Paul Lyle. The girls and pupils then split off into groups to read and explore their books. The primary school pupils had also written poems to share. The whole event was scheduled to take place in Blackbird Leys Park but the rain drove everyone indoors. All agreed that reading inside was just as brilliant and the Year 9/10’s had a thoroughly fun opportunity to demonstrate their leadership skills (as well as a bit of dancing to boot!).


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