We view PSHCE as a key part of our curriculum as it combines knowledge and understanding with the personal and practical skills needed to live healthy, responsible and fulfilled lives. That’s why we choose Form Tutors to lead sessions because they know our girls best. In termly vertical PSHCE sessions, the girls explore and debate issues which bring in a wide range of views and experiences. We also grasp every opportunity to bring in experts when we feel an outside perspective is key to the debate or topic.

The PSHCE programme is varied and stimulating, and is centred on five key strands: Active Citizen; Risky Behaviours; Relationships and Sex; A Well Balanced Life and The World of Work. We also cover study skills right through the school, ensuring the development of personal skills from Year 1 to Year 13. A typical week might see Years 7, 8 and 9 working together to reply to problem page letters in anti-bullying week; Year 10 prepare for Mock United Nations (MUNGA); Year 11 writing CVs in preparation for Work Experience; and the Sixth Form participating in one of a series of lectures about the Middle East encompassing conflicting perspectives. Our Enrichment days are extremely enjoyable and give much needed time and space to explore key topics in detail or to develop core skills. This year, for example, Year 9 experience a dedicated Health Day focusing on positive choices and lifestyles and Year 10 produced imaginative and innovative pieces on Film Day.

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