Our starting point is to set out what we want our girls to be and able to do when they reach Year Six and as part of the GDST, we use four words as the basis of a whole school language which values personal development and celebrates the distinctiveness of our girls.





All girls are celebrated as individuals with the emphasis on encouraging them to become independent learners. We empower them to ‘have a go’ and have the confidence to take a risk and to learn from their mistakes; all vital life skills.

In reality, we know that exploring the concept of, say, confidence can mean something different to a girl in Reception (riding her bike without stabilisers, perhaps) to a Year Six girl (showing leadership in her break time duties) but the common theme of these four values is about girls welcoming new challenges, being adventurous and willing to take the initiative, and not afraid to aim at tough targets.

The many activities, clubs and opportunities in school are set within the framework of the core values so that girls develop key life skills alongside their academic, sporting, or artistic achievements. Staff ensure that time is set aside for personal reflection and evaluation alongside celebrating the achievement gained in these areas of personal growth.

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