On progressing to Year 1 and 2, girls are introduced to more formal teaching and a greater variety of academic subjects. Expectations are high. The girls usually progress at an accelerated pace that is challenging, but appropriate, to each individual and reinforced by careful monitoring, nurturing and encouragement.


Starting in Year 1, girls begin the ‘White Rose Maths’ scheme that they follow until Year 6. This method of teaching involves making sure all children have the same opportunities to learn and that they receive the support they need to fully grasp concepts. The philosophy behind this focuses on making Maths fun for children and helping them find enjoyment in number problems.



All girls build on the secure foundations of their Reception year, developing a love of reading and writing, as well as embedding a thorough knowledge and understanding of the core components of spelling, grammar and punctuation. The weekly ‘Big Write’ allows girls to synthesise all they have learned in coherent and purposeful extended pieces.


At Oxford High Prep, we provide a stimulating environment in which the emphasis is on ‘doing’, ‘exploring’ and ‘questioning’. To this end, our science lab is a hive of exploration and learning where girls work collaboratively to develop their understanding of scientific concepts. Scientific exploration is by no means confined to the lab, as the children are encouraged to make exciting discoveries wherever they are. Science lessons are enriched by visiting scientists, that we are fortunate to receive, many of whom are parents, while others are STEM ambassadors from industry or science road-shows, such as the ‘Bristol Explorer Dome’.


The studies in Mandarin and Chinese culture, that girls began in Reception, are further developed in Year 1 and 2, with the introduction of a more challenging language programme.


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