Our Special Educational Needs (SEND) Department provides expert support and teaching to students with a wide range of additional learning needs.

These needs may be short-term or permanent and they range widely. Some pupils come to us for help with study skills; some come to us as the result of monitoring within lessons, when teachers observe that performance does not reflect ability; some are in need additional support with English as a Second Language; and some have a diagnosed learning need and so benefit from individual support to help them optimise their performance.

Individual support lessons take place during break-times or designated slots that minimally disrupt girls’ learning and enjoyment of school.

We have a designated SENCo for the Prep and Pre-Prep schools who liaises with the school’s recommended assessors and is able to advise parents/guardians on the logistics of obtaining an educational assessment for their child. Our SENCo also works closely with staff to ensure that the school is providing a high standard of educational provision to pupils with additional needs.

The Learning Support team is always on hand to provide individual support lessons, which take place either during girls’ break-times or designated slots within the day, and which provide girls with highly individualised strategies and care that minimally disrupt their learning and enjoyment of school. In addition, we make the most of the latest innovations in SEN software and theory, such as apps for assisting with reading and study skills.

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