The central role played by emotional health and well-being is increasingly recognised in our world today. At OHS we take this seriously. That’s why we have worked so hard to ensure that everyday in the Pre-Prep is nurturing and supportive as well as intellectually stimulating.

A Family Atmosphere

One of the most distinctive things about our Pre-Prep site at Woodstock Road is that it is just the right size. We only cater for three year groups on this site, from Reception to Year 2, after which girls move onto the bigger site at Bardwell Road. As such, everyone knows everyone and we all feel like a family where everyone’s needs are always looked out for.

This is especially true of our Early Years classes. Here the two teaching groups are based right next door to each other, and the doors are often left open so girls can go next door if necessary, and always feel they are part of a safe, open and harmonious environment.

What I really like is that, although there are two classes, the doors are often open between them, meaning my daughter has got to know everyone in Reception and feels very comfortable with all the teaching staff. I think this has really helped my daughter stay confident as she starts school.

A Philosophy of Care

We believe it is vital to develop strong social skills at this early age, which is why our ethos in Reception encourages kindness and consideration for others, above all.

Alongside care for others, we also focus on making sure the girls know the importance of caring for their own mental and physical wellbeing. That is why we work so hard to teach resilience and practical, versatile skills to deal with their own mental and emotional well-being right from day one.

The Positive Project

The Positive Project is a pastoral initiative involving the whole school community, engaging students and staff alike in discovering a shared language for talking about emotions.

The GDST was the first group of secondary schools in the country to adopt Positive, and it has been embraced by girls of all ages at OHS. In our Early Years classrooms, conversations about emotion using the Positive ’emotional barometer’ provide a vital framework for talking about experiences or feelings that would otherwise be difficult to contextualise. Learn more about the Positive Project here

Kindness Week

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