Choosing the right school for your daughter can feel like the hardest decision you’ve ever made. And yet, at the end of the day, we all want the same thing for our children: the perfect balance of inspiration and care, a stimulating environment, teachers who really listen – a world, in short, where every day is a journey of thinking and learning and becoming.   

It is precisely with this vision in mind that the Early Years team at Oxford High Prep have worked so hard to create an educational experience like no other.  

The secret of our Early Years provision is that we are academic and creative. Where other Early Years providers allow learning through play, we foster learning through ‘free flow’, a process whereby students move through genuinely structured learning experiences, resulting in higher levels of attainment with no added stress.   

Our girls lead their learning both through child-led play and small study groups. Each week, their individual tasks are adapted to optimise their progress within the overarching curriculum.  

It’s not exactly magic. And yet, when you see your daughter taking part in her first scientific experiment or speaking her first few words of Mandarin, it might look that way. 


Come and see for yourself

We are always happy to welcome you for a visit to our school, so that you can see for yourself how our girls learn, flourish and excel. Check for the next open morning or get in touch.