Performing Groups

4 May 2015

We aim to provide opportunities for every student in the school to perform. There is always an instrumental group corresponding to the standard she has reached, and the opportunity to join a choir: stronger singers may wish to audition for one of our auditioned choirs.



Instrumental ensembles

Preliminary ensemble: for pupils of approximately Grade 1-3 standard. This group provides initial experience of playing with others.

Lower School Orchestra: for students of approximately Grade 4-6 standard in Years 7 to 9. The repertoire consists of arrangements of the classics and music from recent films.

Senior orchestra: a classical orchestra capable of playing the symphonic repertoire for pupils of Grade 5-8 standard. String players can automatically join after passing Grade 5; wind players are auditioned because of the limited number of places.

String orchestra: for the more advanced string players of Grade 6 – 8 standard. Wind players may be added to form the CHAMBER ORCHESTRA. This group is used to accompany large scale choral works and concertos as well as performing in its own right.

Concert band: for woodwind and brass players of Grade 5 – 8 standard. Repertoire includes jazz standards, songs from musicals and music for film and TV. Repertoire consists of classical pieces and lighter material.



Lower school choir: a large, un-auditioned choir for Years 7 to 8. Repertoire includes unison or 2 part arrangements of songs from musicals, pop songs and classical pieces.

Chamber choir: a small, auditioned choir for Years 7 to 9. Repertoire is varied but more specialized, and features works in a number of languages.

Senior choir: a large, un-auditioned choir for Years 9 to 13. This combines with tenors and basses (including parents, friends and students from other schools) to perform four-part works.

A Cappella choir: a small, auditioned choir featuring advanced singers in Years 10 to 13. This also combines with selected tenors and basses.

The Muses: a small group of Year 13 girls specializing in close –harmony singing.

The Musettes: a small group of Year 10 girls specializing in close –harmony singing


Chamber music

Chamber groups are formed on demand. Some are coached by visiting music tutors, others are organised by the pupils themselves.

Come and see for yourself

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