Year 8 is a time for consolidating existing friendships, and making new ones. There are many exciting opportunities for extra-curricular clubs and Year 8 girls enjoy three longer lunch breaks in which to take part in a wide variety of activities on offer. There is enormous fun to be had over the year, particularly on the annual Pyjama Party evening where popcorn, party food, games, a good film and fun are on the itinerary. Other eagerly anticipated events for Year 8 include a residential trip to Portsmouth, battling it out in the Inter House rounders matches, solving puzzling problems in the Junior Maths Olympiad, developing fine rhetoric and argument in the annual ‘Speak Up’ competition, taking part in performances, and answering quick-fire questions in the ‘Kid’s Lit Competition’.

To see the Year 8 Handbook with lots of useful information please click here. 

As part of their Careers programme Year 8 learn about how essential teambuilding is to success at work on Survival Day. Here is what this year’s Year 8 girls thought of their day:

‘I am more of a creative ideas person than a leader but I enjoyed designing and building the shelter. I also enjoyed getting my feet wet and working hard!’

‘I enjoyed the adrenaline rush of herding sheep although it was really hard to get the sheep to go where we wanted them to go. I had no idea they could leap that high! It was fun to work out plans as a group and carry them out, even though they didn’t always work…’

Year 8 PSHCE lessons are once a week and they include learning about the environment, equal opportunities and relationships. The students develop their communication skills, gain an understanding of their actions and appreciate the practice of the listening and sympathising.

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