Outstanding pastoral care is something we are immensely proud of at Oxford High and we work extremely hard to ensure that the girls are in the very best environment.



When you and your daughter join Oxford High Prep School, we want to find out as much as we can about you and your family so that she feels especially welcome from the start. From then on, whether it’s a conference taking you abroad or a problem with her brother’s hamster, we like to know about any pertinent issues so that we can support your daughter in school. One of our core values as a GDST school is to put the girls first so we want to be in the best position to provide the outstanding and supportive environment in which your daughter can thrive.


In a safe and caring atmosphere, girls can relax and shine as the individuals that they are. Through a range of lessons and activities we develop their academic strengths and build their personal and leadership skills so they can excel. They gradually learn about the world and, as their understanding grows, learn how to make a significant contribution to it.

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