Latin GCSE is an excellent preparation for many sixth form courses: the language work is detailed, requiring accuracy and firm application, and the nature of the subject is widely recognised. Its relevance to the humanities is obvious but it is also a good support subject for the aspiring scientist.

Latin and Greek are the only subjects apart from English where girls can read and study literature before the sixth form. There are three sets of Latin at GCSE and generally about 50 girls take it. Language work continues and we follow the OCR syllabus which shares the emphasis between language and literature.

Literature study begins in February of Year 10 with the prose set book: starting at this point enables girls to revise for a proper literature exam in the summer which gives them confidence. We complete the second set book by the end of the spring term of Year 11.

We organise Classics trips abroad to Italy and Greece for girls in Year 10 and above every October half term.

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