At Oxford High School, we are experts in educating high-achieving girls. We encourage our girls to be ambitious in all areas of life, to develop self-confidence, be aware of the impact of their actions on those around them and to appreciate their place in the wider world. We live life to the full, proud of our past and preparing for the future.

Oxford High School is one of 26 Girls’ Day School Trust schools. All GDST schools share a common set of values that support our aims, which are:

  • girls first
  • networked
  • bold
  • principled


We aim to remain true to these core values in all aspects of life at Oxford High School. We use our expertise and networks within the GDST, the independent sector as a whole and further afield across universities, to make the right decisions for the girls. This coherent approach encompasses our vision and enables a forward-thinking strategic direction for the school and its curriculum while ensuring the well-being of students, staff and parents.

For more information about GDST ethos please follow the link