The History Curriculum

Years Seven to Nine
In their first three years, students study a broad sweep of history from the Middle Ages to the mid-twentieth century. Within their work on the Medieval and Early Modern period, students investigate key topics such as the Norman Conquest, challenges facing the English monarchy 1066-1485, the Church in Medieval and Early Modern England, Elizabeth I and the Stuart monarchy 1603-1649. As part of their study of 18th and 19th century history, students work on the British Empire, the slave trade and social and political change during this period, before looking at the origins and course of the First World War. From September 2017, students will also have the opportunity to study the aftermath of the First World War, the rise of dictatorship in Europe and the Second World War.

During these three years, students are taught a range of skills, including source evaluation, research and essay writing and are encouraged to form independent opinions about the significance of past events

In Years 10 and 11 students follow Edexcel’s International GCSE course, which provides an opportunity for them to develop their understanding of the modern world and hone their analytical skills. Key subjects for study are the USA 1917-29, Germany 1918-45, the Cold War 1945-63 and China 1911-89.

A Level
At A level, we follow the Edexcel specification. In Year 12, students study two key periods of ‘revolution’ – in Britain 1625-1701 and Russia 1894-1924. In Year 13 they study Tudor Rebellions 1485-1603 and complete a coursework assignment on historical interpretations.

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