GCSEs and A Level results at Oxford High School for 2017

This year’s GCSE results show the highest recorded A*s at GCSE that Oxford High has ever achieved.

• Over 75% of grades were A*
• More than half of the year group achieved at least 9 grade A*
• 30% of girls achieved straight A*s
• 94% gained A*-A grades

A Levels 2017

40 % of all entries were graded A*
73% of all entries were graded A* – A
89% of all entries were graded A* – B
• 1/6 of the year gained a place at Oxford or Cambridge
• 10% of the year group gained a place to study medicine

OHS students are heading to leading universities to study wide-ranging subjects such as Engineering, Natural Sciences, Economics, Linguistics, Geography, Arabic & French, Russian & Politics, Classics, and Psychology.

Dr Peter Secker, Acting Head of Oxford High School said: “Put simply, I am thrilled. I am so proud of each of our girls and would like to thank them for all that they have given to OHS in their time here. They have all demonstrated strong leadership and creativity in so many aspects of school life. They have an exciting future ahead of them and we wish them every success in the next stage of their education. Ad Lucem!”




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