Examination board: Edexcel

GCSE Drama is a two year course starting in Year 10 and it has a wealth of possible outcomes. The course fosters creativity, personal growth, self confidence and analytical skills. It also

Develops personal confidence, management skills and concentration.

Builds on a strong emphasis of good communication and presentation skills.

Sharpens responses to live productions through detailed analysis.

Expands an awareness of social, historical and cultural influences through the study of play texts and other styles of dramatic presentations.

Provides significant opportunities for expressing cultural and personal identity.


An outline of the course

UNIT 1 – 40%

Students spend time the autumn term devising their own piece of theatre from a stimulus chosen by them, and creating a play, in groups of up to five. In the past, the devised work has covered many topics including Van Gogh, WW2 Evacuees, Sylvia Plath and themes such as isolation and fear. The students document the process and development of their work within a Controlled Assessment. This can be written or recorded verbal evidence, or a combination of both.

UNIT 2 -20%

In the spring, students prepare to performance extracts from published plays. They are usually short extracts of a script performed in small groups, and this work is externally examined. The performance marks are awarded on an individual basis rather than awarded to the whole group.

UNIT 3 – 40%

In the summer, students take a written examination based on a set text which they have studied, which is set by the exam board. They will also answer a question focused on a live piece of theatre they have seen, and are allowed to bring their notes into the exam with them.

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