Art at Home: Textured Landscapes and Fantastic Forms

5 July 2020

T ypical Art lessons normally involve a lot of equipment and materials only available at school, and so as a result, KS3 Art students have had to be particularly inventive during lockdown.

Teachers and students worked together, using their initiatives to find exciting ways to adapt their art projects. As an example, where students would have been using clay for their projects in school, now they have been finding materials at home and in their gardens with which to create their paintings and sculptures.

Year 7 students created textured landscapes inspired by an artist of their choice. They used a range of materials and explored different painting techniques to bring about these unusual and beautiful textures.

The theme for Year 8 girls was ‘fantastic forms’. The students looked at a range of artists to inform their work and created response photographs in the style of Andy Goldsworthy and designed and made natural form sculptures using materials they could find at home and in their gardens.

Finally, Year 9 have been studying architecture and were inspired by household objects and an architectural style of their choice to create a of their own design. As a department we are really impressed with the extra creativity and effort the students have put into their work.


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