360 Perspectives

17 September 2015

Perspectives is where a Sixth Former learns about herself, her community and the wider world – and how the three areas can meaningfully overlap in an era of unprecedented upheaval and opportunity.


Each of the three strands – Myself, My Community and The Wider World – has a specific focus and develops the girls in different ways.


Who you are and how you feel are the fundamentals upon which success and happiness are built. That’s why we have set aside space within each Sixth Former’s timetable for sessions that will enhance her life-skills and physical and mental well-being.

To optimise physical wellbeing, sport is a timetabled activity in the Sixth Form. However, the type of sport which the girls undertake can come in whatever form they like, from team sports to visiting Marston Ferry Gym for a session on the cross-trainer (we have a group membership for all Sixth Formers to this very well-equipped, modern gym). We really don’t mind what the girls choose, so long as it makes them healthier and happier.

Our wellness tutorials are similarly calibrated to equip girls for the challenges of modern life, through a combination of engaging guest speakers and bespoke activities and discussion groups. Finally, we provide a range of sessions on financial management, careers and study skills that have been tailored to provide each student with a framework of key skills to help them when they begin university life.


My Community
We believe that leadership and volunteering opportunities are key to gaining a greater understanding of your place in the local community. As a Sixth Former at Oxford High School, you can make a difference in all kinds of ways. Perhaps you will contribute to the School Magazine. Or perhaps you will join the Science Outreach Group, and volunteer your knowledge and skills at local primary schools. Alternatively, you might wish to get involved in the Book Buddies reading programme, and spend a few happy hours in the Junior School helping out our younger students with their reading. For the more entrepreneurially-minded, meanwhile, you might wish to get involved in Young Enterprise, and hone your business skills developing the brands or products of tomorrow? With other activities including Riding for the Disabled, playing music and talking with visitors at the dementia café, or working in local charity shops and the Oxford food bank, there is no reason (and no excuse) for you not to get involved!


The Wider World
Oxford High School is incredibly fortunate to have wide-ranging connections with the University of Oxford and many other leading institutions via our parents, staff and alumnae. We have taken full advantage of these connections to create The Wider World lecture series. Delivered by prestigious academics, these lectures shine a light on global issues, with recent lectures focusing on the issues facing China in the 21st Century, the Conflict in Syria and the Refugee Crisis. With informal Q&A sessions afterwards and further reading opportunities, these events are often the starting-points for further enquiry and discussion, often generating new topics for the students’ Extended Research Projects.

Come and see for yourself

We are always happy to welcome you for a visit to our school, so that you can see for yourself how our girls learn, flourish and excel. Check for the next open morning or get in touch.

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