Year 8 Connected Curriculum

Year 8 students enjoy a combined Art, RS and English dept visit to the Pitt Rivers Museum during which students are given the opportunity to handle Javanese shadow puppets. They sketch and gather information to help them create their artwork during their circus lessons.

“When we arrived at the Pitt Rivers Museum, we were thrilled with the array of sights and colours before us. There was work to do for all the different subjects, but we were let off rein, free to organise what we did when. For English, we wrote poems and stories about objects, almost bringing them to life with our descriptions. For RS, we looked at, drew and admired objects from the Haida Gwaii Island, fascinated by their intricate way of life. And last, but not least, to Art, where we let our imagination soar as we drew animals, stuffed and modelled, feeling as though they were right there, perhaps with an inquisitive twitching ear. We had a super lunch on the sunny lawn outside, followed by a talk about Haida Gwaii which was amazingly interesting. We left the museum with a flourish, sad at leaving, but as we left, we felt as though we’d taken a small section of the heart of the museum with us.” Elsa, Year 8


Year 9 Connected Curriculum

The symbolism at Coventry Cathedral is a great place to see the crossover between Art and Religious Studies, especially in connection with symbolism. Our hosts guided Year 9 students carefully through the wonderful range of artworks explaining the symbolism of, for example, the architecture of the Chapel of Unity , the colours of the Baptistry Window and the material of the charred cross. Through sketches, notes and more detailed studies our students encountered and responded to the works for themselves. This will form the basis for work in both Art and RS and we would like to thank the team at Coventry cathedral for making us so welcome.

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