Senior Leadership Team – Core
Mrs Judith Carlisle BA (Hons) Bristol – Drama and English, PGCE London, NPQH (NCSL)
Deputy Head:
 Dr Peter Secker BSc PhD Birmingham  Mathematics
Deputy Head – Students and Staff:
 Dr Sarah Squire, MA Cantab, D Phil Oxon  Psychology
Head of Junior School:
Mrs Kate Gater BA (Hons) MMU – English and History, MA – Religious Education, PGCE Warwick
Director of Finance & Operations:
Mr Graham Matthews BSc (Hons) Southampton – Chemistry with Biochemistry, ACA (Accountancy)
Director of Communications and Development
Maria Gara, BA (Hons) Bradford, CIM, Member of the DMA Council (West)
Senior Leadership Team – Extended
Deputy Head, Junior School
Mr Nick Dawson, BA (Hons) Manchester, PGCE Oxford Brookes
Assistant Head –  Curriculum
 Mr Jonathan Nicholl, BA (Hons) Oxon, MPhil Sheffield  Mathematics/Critical Thinking
Assistant Head – Co-Curriculum
 Miss Claire Nebesnuick BA (Hons) York, MA Oxford Brookes  English
Assistant Head – Director of Sixth Form
 Miss Rachael Pallas-Brown, BA (Hons) MSt MLitt Oxon  Religious Studies, Philosophy
Assistant Head – E-Learning
Mr James Watts, BA (Hons) Oxon  Computer Science
Teaching Staff
Senior School:
Full Time
Mrs Jane Berry, BEd Sheffield City Polytechnic Physical Education and Sport, Head of Year 8
Miss Susan Berry, MA Cantab, MSc London Biology, Science, Head of Year 7
Mrs Laura Black, BA (Hons) Northumbria, PGCE Oxon Geography
Miss Julie Bramall, BA (Hons) Open University, LAMDA, Dip in Performing Arts Director of Drama, Head of Year 11
Miss Rachel Burton, BSc Keele Head of Mathematics
Mrs Claire Chipchase, BSc Southampton Mathematics
Ms Sarah Crussell, MA (Hons) St Andrews Drama
Mrs Penny D’Souza-Eva, BA (Hons) Essex Mathematics
Miss Victoria Ferrelly, BA (Hons) Bedfordshire Physical Education and Sport
Mr Mike Gallacher, MA Oxon Head of Economics, Government & Politics, Young Enterprise
 Mme Sabine Harskin, Licence Bordeaux  Head of Modern Foreign Languages, Head of French
Mlle Emmanuelle Hilary, Licence Rennes, PGCE Oxford Brookes French
Miss Sarah Huggins, BA (Hons) Bath Director of Sport
Ms Alison Hughes, BA (Hons) Queen’s Kingston, Ontario, Canada Learning Support
Miss Sarah Hughes, BA (Hons) Kingston Art
Mr Richard Hypher, BSc McMaster, Ontario, BEd Queen’s Kingston, Ontario, Canada Head of Physics, CCF
Dr Niki Karapanagioti, PhD Reading Classics
Mr Gary Lewin, Dip Musical Theatre Dance, Drama, Sport
Mr Richard Lonsdale, BA (Hons) Oxon, PGCE (Cantab) Head of Classics
Mrs Katie Lowe, BSc, PGCE Loughborough Physical Education and Sport
Mr Robert Packard, BA (Hons) Lancaster, MA Leicester Head of Religious Studies, Head of Philosophy, Politics
Mr Christopher Phillips, BA (Hons) Gwent College of Higher Education Head of Design Technology
Mrs Dani Phipps, BA (Hons) Manchester, PGCE Cambs Head of English
Dr Mark Rushton, BSc (Hons), PhD Cardiff Head of Science Faculty, Head of Chemistry
Miss Rachael Rutty, BA (Hons) Kingston Head of Art
Miss Eleanor Selway, BA (Hons) MA Bristol, PGCE West of England History
Mr Jack Sobey, MSc Oxon Chemistry
Mr Paul South, BA (Hons) Exeter Head of History
Mrs Katya Solovyova, BA (Hons) Moscow Head of Russian, French
Mr Roger Spikes, BA Oxon Director of Music
Dr Andrew Stacey, MMath Oxon, PhD Warwick Mathematics
Miss Anne Stewart, BA (Hons) Loughborough, MA Manchester Head of Art Faculty, Head of Textiles
Mrs Frances Townend, MA Oxon Religious Studies, History
Mr Tom Waterfield, MMath Oxon Mathematics
Dr Paul Weeks, BSc PhD Cantab Head of Biology
Mrs Maria Whittington, BSc (Hons) MEd Warwick, PGCE, CELTA Biology, Science
Ms Katharine Yeo, BSc (Hons) Oxford Brookes Head of Geography
Part Time
Ms Claire Atkins, MSc Imperial College, PGCE Cambs Mathematics
Mrs Janine Bailey, BEd (Hons) Brighton Physical Education and Sport
 Mrs Emily Bowden, BA (Hons) Durham  Head of Year 10, Classics
Mrs Anne Brazel, BA (Hons) Sheffield History
Mrs Catharine Creak, BSc MA Durham Chemistry
Mrs Rebecca Ekins English
Ms Mari Girling, BA (Hons) Oxon Head of Year 9, English
Mr Andrew Jarvis, RSAMD Ad MMus Op, QTS Reading Music
Ms Stephanie Lea, BA (Hons) Reading, PGCE Oxon Geography
Mr Andrew Lewis Mathematics
Mrs Sarah Liebrecht, BA (Hons) Oxon Head of German, French
Dr Yan Liu, BSc, MSc Beijing, PhD Cambridge Head of Mandarin
Miss Stephanie Masterson, BA (Hons) University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA English
Ms Cathy O’Neill, BA Oxon, MA London Head of Careers & Life-long Learning, English, Drama
Mrs Xiu Hua Pan, BA MA Nanjing University, China, CertEd Bedfordshire Mandarin
Mrs Ginnie Redston, BA London Religious Studies, English, Drama
Mrs Jennie Rhodes, BSc (Hons) Sheffield, PGCE Sheffield Physics
Mrs Emily Rymer, BA (Hons) Oxon, PGCE Institute of Education London Spanish, French
Mrs Margherita Stellardi, Laurea Turin, Italy Head of Italian
Mrs Judith Stone, MA Oxon Biology, Science
Dr Claudia Strobel, MA Heidelberg, Germany, DPhil Oxon Classics
Mrs Melanie Tonks, BEd (Hons) Bedford Physical Education & Sport
Ms Pepita Torbrand, MSc Psychology City University, CPsychol Head of Psychology
Mr Anders Holmberg, PhD, QTLS  Head of Psychology (Maternity Cover)
Ms Juan Wang, BSc (Hons) Open University Mandarin
Mrs Nicola Westwood, BA (Hons) PGCE Oxon Chemistry, Science
Mrs Helen Wilson, BA (Hons) Nottingham, PGCE Oxford Brookes Art
Modern Language Assistants – Conversation
Mlle Marine Debrenne French
Mr Antonio Lopez Spanish
Ms Magdalena Caballero Spanish
Miss Dyedra Just German
Junior School
Full Time
Miss Molly Aylward, BSc (Hons) Bristol
Mrs Leeanda Chadfield, LLB (Hons) London
Mrs Claire Coolin, BSc (Hons) University College Cork, PGCE Trinity College Carmarthen
Mrs Sian Dawson, BSc (Hons) Leeds, PGCE Oxford Brookes
Miss Olivia Ede, BA (Hons) Exeter, PGCE Oxford Brookes
Mr James Edmonds, BA (Hons) Nottingham
Miss Rachel Evans, BEd Liverpool
Mrs Evelyn Hargraves, BEd (Hons) Chichester Physical Education and Sport
Mrs Jaime Johnson, BA (Hons) Canterbury, QTS eQualitas
Mrs Rachel Lochhead, BA (Hons) Exeter, PGCE Westminster
Miss Eleanor Manaton, BA (Hons) Durham, PGCE Bath Spa
Miss Louise McGarrity, BA (Hons) Keele
Miss Claire Morris, BEd with QTS Winchester
Miss Claudia Panatti, BA (Hons) Central Lancashire, PGCE Oxford Brookes
Miss Evangeline Price, BA (Hons) with QTS Oxford Brookes
Miss Sophie Reynolds, MA Oxon
Miss Joanna Sears, BSc (Hons) Durham, PGCE Cantab
Mrs Camilla Stephenson, BEd (Hons) Cantab
Mrs Annette Sweeney, BA HDipEd University College Galway
Mrs Louise Taylor, MA Oxon, MEd Westminster, ARCM Director of Music
Miss Alison Tonks, BSc (Hons) Exeter, PGCE Exeter
Part Time
Mrs Angela Allen, BSc (Hons) Loughborough Physical Education and Sport
Mrs Madeleine Barley, BSc (Hons) Reading, PGCE Open University
Mlle Julie Catalayoud French
Mrs Meetal Finnis, BA (Hons) Sheffield Hallam, PGCE Oxford Brookes
Mrs Julia Rendell, BSc (Hons) Bristol, PGCE Cambridge
Mrs Carolyn Warren, BSc (Hons) Loughborough, PGCE Oxford Brookes
Mrs Beryl Winearls, MSc Oxon Head of Science
Mrs Carol Ye, MSc, CACHE Level 2 Mandarin
Teaching Assistants
Mrs Ellen Amano, BA (Hons) De Montfort
Mrs Liliane Asman, BA Lebanon
Mrs Sally Collins, NVQ3
Mrs Sue Cook, Cert EYP (Open)
Miss Abigail Dickson, BA (Hons) Bath Spa
Miss Jill Eyre, BA (Hons) De Montfort University
Miss Elizabeth Futter, NVQ3
Mrs Debbie Prior, CACHE Level 3
Mrs Tracy Sareen, DipM (CIM)
Miss Lisa West, NVQ3
Mrs Carol Ye, MSc, CACHE Level 2
After School Care
ASC Supervisor at the Junior School: Mrs Sue Cook, Cert EYP (Open)
ASC Assistants: Mrs Shirley Costar, NVQ3
Administrative and Support Staff
Executive Assistant to the Head Mrs Jenny Biggs, BA (Hons) Manchester
Finance Manager Mrs Andreana Banga, BA(Hons) Manchester
Finance Manager (maternity cover) Mr Nick Dollard, MBA Oxford Brookes
Finance Assistant Mrs Agnieszka Conway, AAT Dip Level 4, MEng Wroclaw, Poland
Interim Personnel Administrator Miss Helen Goucher
Admissions Registrar Mrs Teresa Hobbs
Assistant Registrar Miss Daniela Kecojevic, BA (Hons) Loughborough
Examinations Officer Mrs Josephine Collins, MA (Oxon), Dip Lib
Office Manager (Senior School) Ms Louise Daly
PA to Deputy Heads (Senior School) Ms Jennifer Fry
PA to Head (Junior School) Mrs Jillian Waddell, MA Dundee, PGCE Greenwich
Administrative Assistant (Senior School) Miss Danyella Bessasa-Grant
Administrative Assistant (Senior School) Mrs Luci Brooks, BA (Hons) Soton
Administrative Assistant (Senior School) Mr Colin Wade
Administrative Assistant/Receptionist (Senior School) Mrs Julia May
Administrative Assistant/Receptionist (Senior School) Mrs Lucy Peel
Assistant Business Manager – Junior School Mrs Lorraine Brooks
Administrative Assistant (Junior School) Mrs Emily Holloway, BA(Hons) UWE
Administrative Assistant (Junior School) Miss Vanessa Shaw – Maternity Cover
Administrative Assistant (Junior School) Miss Rebecca Shorrock, BSc (Hons) Loughborough
Librarian Mrs Frances Stott
Theatre Manager Mr Mike Hay, BEng
School Nurse Miss Elizabeth Davis, BSc (Hons) Oxford Brookes (Environmental Biology), BSc (Hons) Oxford Brookes (Nursing Child Branch)
 School Nurse Miss Samantha Torgersen, BSc (Hons) Oxford Brookes, BSc (Hons) Oxford Brookes (Nursing Child Branch)
Administrative/First Aid Assistant Mrs Nicola Gilbert
Science Technician Miss Kay Bell, BA (Hons)
Art Technician Ms Joanna Brooks, BA (Hons) UCA Farnham
Art Technician Ms Poppy Farren
Sport Technician Miss Abigail Flory
D+T Technician Mr Matthew Hudson, BTEC Foundation, HND, BA (Hons)
IT Technician Mr James Kirkwood, MTA
Science Technician Ms Susan Leitch, ACA, MSc, MSc University of Auckland
 Science Technician Mr Lewis Ratto, BSc (Hons) York
 IT Technician Mr Ashley Robbins, BA, PGCE South Africa, CompTIA, MCSA
 Science Technician Miss Sophie Teall
IT Operations Manager Mr Robert Hodgins, BSC (Hons), MCSA, MCSE, ACTC
Premises Manager Mr Andy McMahon
Assistant Site Supervisor Mr Kevin Webb
Caretaker Mr Oscar Salinas
Part Time Caretaker Mr Peter Twine
Groundsman Mr Nigel Taylor
Catering Thomas Franks Ltd
Visiting Tutors
 Art Mrs Catalina Renjifo
Ballet/Modern Dance Ms Madeleine Ford, RADTTC BPhil (Hons) Durham
Chess Mr Richard Dodd
Judo Mr Tony Wilkins, BJA Senior Coach
Netball Mrs Patricia Kilczinski, All England Netball Level 3
Rock Climbing Mr Richard Cole, BA (Hons) Birmingham, FBA, CWLA, MLC
Special Educational Needs Mrs Juliet Taylor, Hornsby, Dip in the Teaching of Students with Specific Learning Difficulties/Dyslexia
Speech and Drama  Mr Robin Colyer, BA(Hons) Guildford School of Acting
Tennis Mr Ben Coomber, LTA Coach
 Mr Ed Duncan,
Mrs Melanie Riste, BEd (Hons) LTA Coach TDA Level 3 Coach and Tutor
Yoga Ms Nicki Bilham-Boult, Dip Astanga Yoga Union Edinburgh
Visiting Tutors – Music
Bassoon Ms Noel Rainbird, BA (Hons)
Brass Mr Andy Bush, AGSM
Mr Julian Faultless, Dphil
Mr Ian Lovell-Meade, BA (Hons)
Cello Mrs Valerie Findlay, MA LRAM
Mrs Claire Sadler, GGSM CertEd
Clarinet Mrs Deborah Brittain, ARCM
Ms Jean Cockburn, BA (Hons) LTCL
Miss Maureen Lake, LRAM
Mrs Jane Richardson, BMus (Hons)
Mrs Patricia Miller, BA, LTCL
Flute Mr Paul Foster, LTCL
Miss Elisabeth Hobbs
Mrs Caroline Hobbs-Smith, (BMus)
Guitar Mr Christopher Ayres, (BMus)
Mr Ray Burley, ALCM LLCM
Mr Adam Carpenter, BA (Hons)
Harp Ms Jennifer Hill, BA (Hons) Durham, ARCM
Oboe Mr Alaster Bentley, ARCM
Percussion Mr Keith Fairbairn, AGSM
Piano Mr Adam Carpenter, BA (Hons)
Mrs Jill Donald, GTCL
Mrs Carol Goodall, BA (Hons), MA
Miss Diana Hinds, BA (Hons) LRSM
Miss Maureen Lake, LRAM
Mrs Bethe Levvy, BMus MA
Mr Tom McCoy, BA (Hons) MMus
Mrs Maureen Rosenberg, ARCM LRAM
Mrs Tatiana Thomas, PhD Moscow, MMus London, Dip CT ABRSM
Recorder Mr Paul Foster, LTCL
Ms Nicola Olavesen BA (Hons)
Saxophone Mr Paul Foster, LTCL
Singing Mrs Lucy Ballard, BA (Hons) ARCM PG
Ms Cecilia Osmond, BA (Hons) Cams
Mr Richard Vendome, MA FRCO ARCM
Violin Mrs Kathy Blackwell, BMus (Hons)
Ms Jane Griffiths, BA(Hons)
Mrs Susan Reynolds, GRSM LRAM
String Coach
Wind Coach Mrs Anna Evans ARCM

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